SV Holds

In order to remove the Violence Prevention Program Hold (SV), you must complete the interpersonal violence prevention program. The one-hour web based program can be accessed by going to and using your NETid and password to log-in and complete the program. SV holds will be removed within one hour of completion of the entire program.

Not Anymore 

Kennesaw State University is committed to providing a safe and welcoming campus community. Education is an important component in equipping students, faculty, staff and community members with the tools to reach this goal.

Beginning in Summer Semester 2015, all new students at Kennesaw State University will be required to complete an interactive online educational program.

The program is titled Not Anymore and will cover sensitive issues surrounding interpersonal violence prevention. Topics covered include: consent, sexual assault, alcohol, dating and domestic violence, stalking, healthy relationships and bystander intervention.

The Not Anymore educational program must be completed prior to the student’s registration for the next academic term. The program provides closed caption and audio description availability. Students can access these options by clicking the “CC” and/or “AD” buttons at the bottom of each module.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act is a federal mandate that increases transparency about incidents of sexual misconduct on college campuses. The Campus SaVE Act expands reporting, response, and prevention education requirements around incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

    Kennesaw State University (KSU) does not condone and will not tolerate sexual misconduct or sexually exploitative or harassing behavior of any kind. KSU is committed to providing programs, activities, and an educational environment free from sex discrimination.

  • Not Anymore is a one hour, online, and interactive educational program designed to educate students about consent, sexual assault, alcohol use, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention.
  • All new students (including transfer students and students readmitted after two or more semesters) are required to complete the program.
  • Students who do not successfully complete the program will have a registration hold placed on their account for the following semester.
  • Not Anymore is a research-driven, internet-based program that resonates with students intellectually, emotionally and socially. It also features post-testing metrics for verifiable results.

  • All new Graduate students are required to complete the Graduate version of the educational program.

  • All students currently enrolled at KSU, or who have been enrolled in the last year, have access to the program. At this time, they are not required to complete the program but can do so if they choose. 

    The program can be accessed at

  • The online program must be completed prior to a student’s registration date for the next academic term. 

  • All students will receive an email from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion with the subject line REGISTRATION HOLD: (SUMMER, FALL, OR SPRING) SEMESTER 2016. This email contains the link to Not Anymore.

    They can also access the program at

  • Not Anymore provides closed caption and audio description availability. Students can access these options by clicking the “CC” and/or “AD” buttons at the bottom of each module. 

  • Students must score at least 85% on the post-test to complete the program. Students will be prompted to retake the post-test until they achieve a passing score. Graduate students are exempt from this requirement.

  • Students must allow 24 hours between completion of the program and removal of the registration hold.